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The New Kids on the Block | Upcoming Social Media Platforms in 2021

Written by Steven Derevencha @Sderevencha

It feels like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter have been around forever, and in a sense they have. Facebook launched in February of 2004. Twitter, March 2006

And Instagram, October 2010.

Relative to human history, these are all new concepts and ideas, but in the digital world, these platforms are quickly becoming relics of a bygone era.

As society evolves and develops in the digital age, new and exciting platforms are popping their heads up. Here’s a look at the top 3 most exciting social media apps coming up in 2021. (TikTok not included, duh)

1. Caffeine

2. Clubhouse

3. Houseparty

Caffeine Unveiled in 2018 and still in early adoption, is a live-stream/broadcast platform on track to compete with Like Twitch, the broadcasts can be found on a discovery feed where users can interact with the streamer with emotes and comments.

Live streams can range anywhere from a chat sessions with other users, to gaming (as caffeine is useable with streaming software like OBS), to cooking tutorial and more.

Their most notable stream to date is the broadcast of the 2019 X Games in Aspen, CO. Remember when events like this were a real thing?

Clubhouse Oh Clubhouse, one of the strangest concepts with the quickest followings. Clubhouse launched in 2020, Clubhouse has quickly made a name for itself as a unique way to communicate and engage with your audience. Clubhouse is an Audio-Only communication tool used by Content Creators, CEOs, Motivational Speakers, and anyone with a voice. The app is currently only available in Beta to iOS users. Currently, Clubhouse is invite only but allows invitees to engage with creators in spaces similar to breakout rooms at a conference. Creators can call on participants from the audience to ask questions, provide insight, or just comment on the presentation. Creators can also host rooms with multiple guest speakers and provide them with a space to speak to a large, decentralized audience. What is Clubhouse exactly? Live-Podcasting. Simplest way I can put it.


Originally known as Meerkat, Houseparty brings the best parts of Zoom to social media without the need for a pro-plan. Houseparty is a group video messaging app that can host up to 8 users at a time in one room. This isn’t a new concept but what Houseparty does right is create an engaging atmosphere for users to interact with one another and build a community. Especially popular during the 2020 lockdowns, Houseparty provided a way for users to communicate with one another in fun and unique ways. From a marketing perspective, Houseparty can be a great benefit as it provides ad spaces similar to Snapchat but to a more directed demographic. This app is still in early adoption, despite originally being released in 2016, but 2020 was great to it, increasing its user base from 1M active users to nearly 50M active users.

(Sidebar, do the Houseparty and Clubhouse logo not look incredibly similar?)

Final Thoughts Not all of the above social platforms may meet your company's needs. Some may be better suited for community building, brand awareness, or engagement than others, but if you can get on these social platforms as an early adopter and make a mark, you can definitely build your brand on any of them! Atlas Creative Marketing was not paid but any of the mentioned apps for this blog or promotion. Ready to start a marketing strategy with these platforms? Send us a message and set up a consultation today! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ This blog is sponsored by Bonsai. Bonsai automates and organizes your business with Proposals, Contracts, Invoices and much more. It's trusted by 250,000+ freelancers.

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