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The All-in-One Social Media Cheat Sheet

Updated: Jun 2

Social Media has become a bit of a bother lately. Posting times, algorithms, and trends are changing so rapidly, it's enough to make your head spin. The team here at Atlas came up with a little guide though to help you navigate the craziness of social media management.

Here is the all-in-one social media cheat sheet for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, TikTok, Pinterest, and LinkedIn! (current as of May 2021)


Audience: Largest monthly user base of any platform 2.8B monthly users (Facebook 2020) 1.8B daily users (Facebook 2020) 59% of all social media users (Facebook 2020) 7th most valuable brand worldwide (Statista) Pros: Wide array of apps and utilities Most engagement from Boomers and GenX Great for brand awareness Largest social advertising platform ($27.2 B Q4 2020)

Cons: Oversaturation of markets. groups, and business accounts Bid Mechanism for Ads. Puts small-medium business at a disadvantage You are not in control. Facebook reserves the right to change TOS

Heavily collects users information, off and on-site When to post (generic): Best Days: Tuesday | Wednesday | Friday Best Time: 9 am - 1 pm Worst Days: Saturday Pro Tips: Keep posts short and to the point Use high-quality videos with subtitles and background music Post regularly but not excessively


Audience: 1.074B active monthly users (eMarketer, 2020) 70+% users under 35 (Statista, 2019)

70+ % of businesses have IG accounts (Mention 2018)

500M minute avg session (Statista 2020) Pro: Great tool for driving website traffic

Shares a business manager with Facebook and Whatsapp

Emulates TikTok and Snapchat with Reels, Stories, and Chats

Easy to use User Interface Cons:

Very content-heavy, you have to have a constant posting schedule

Overwhelming Advertising (every 3rd post on average is an Ad)

Created a validation driven user base

Best Times to Post (General):

Best Days: Tuesday | Wednesday | Friday Best Times: Tues - Wed 10a - 3p | Friday 11a - 5p Worst Days: Monday | Thursday Ranking Tips: Utilize the alt-text and metadata to push up through the algorithm

Switch content types between Reels, Stories, Lives, and Posts

Every day is a different mood on IG find what works for your brand



Individuals concerned about current events, news, and sports

353M monthly active users (Twitter 2020)

Most popular for users age 25-34 (Statista 2020)

10% of social media users access Twitter (Twitter 2020)


Great for quick excerpts on a niche subject Great Click Thru Rates for dynamic content Good use as a conversation starter

Large international presence


The algorithm is difficult to nail down 280 Character count per post

The high volume of spam accounts

Best Times to Post (General):

Best Days: Tuesday | Wednesday | Thursday Best Time: 9 am - 11 am Worst Days: Saturday

Pro Tips:

Limit your hashtag usage to 1 or 2 tags

Use images, GIFs, and/or videos whenever possible Be conversational


Audience: Mostly used by Millenials and GenZ (DataReportal, 2021)

265M daily active users (Snapchat, 2020)

300M downloads in 2020 (Snapchat 2020)

Users open Snapchat 20 times/day (Snapchat 2020)


Immersive and highly personal method of communication

Great for promotions and quick updates

Able to create Geo-filters and Geo-tags for relatively cheap

Great for location-based services


Poor analytics tracking system

Expensive entry to ad space

Long term strategies get expensive very quickly

Best Times to Post (General):

Best Days: Monday | Tuesday | Thursday | Friday | Saturday

Best Times: Mon - Tues 7 p - 12 a | Thurs - Sat 9 p - 2 a

Worst Days: Wednesday | Sunday

Ranking Tips:

Stick to your brand identity

Use this as a direct communication tool; think Facebook posts come to life

Take advantage of the Geo-filters and tags to promote location traffic


Audience: Most used app by Millenials and GenZ (Datareportal, 2021)

689M monthly active users (Datareportal, 2020)

Opened 8x a day avg. (TikTok 2020)

52 minutes per day spent on the app avg. (TikTok 2021) Pros: Massive exposure to millions of users

Fine-tuned algorithm

Mobile-first platform

Easy to collaborate with duets, stitches, etc. Cons:

Expensive Ads Program

Limited content format (video only)

Owned by China. High rate of censorship

Best Times to Post (General):

Best Days: Every Day (insanity)

Best Time: 2 am - 9 am | Thur 12 pm | Fri 5 am

Worst Days: Friday | Sunday

Ranking Tips:

Find the newest trending hashtags and sound

Stay on brand but find creative ways to use sound and filters

Find a niche and own it


Audience: DIYer's and Crafters

71% Female under 40 (Statista, 2020)

416M+ monthly active users (Statista 2020)

5.01 min. avg. session (Statista 2020)


90% of weekly pinners make purchase decisions based on Pinterest

One of the largest traffic websites in the world

Drives traffic directly to your site

Pins get you inbound leads (based on Inbound Marketing principles)


Tons of link spam and dead ends

Very specific niches

Very difficult to fully automate

Best Times to Post (General):

Best Days: Thursday | Friday | Saturday Best Time: Thurs - Fri 7p - 12a | Sat 2a - 5a Worst Days: Monday | Wednesday

Ranking Tips:

Pinterest values Original Content over reposts

Every service or function you have should have its own board

Dynamic and high-quality images rank higher


Audience: 740M active monthly users (LinkedIn, 2021)

57+% users under Male (Statista, 2019)

273M+ users age between 30 - 49 (Mention 2019)

55M+ Organizations listed on LinkedIn (LinkedIn 2021) Pros:

Large volume of business owners, decisions makers, and marketers

Advertising reach of 160M users Great for determining buyers journey for non-retail products and services

Posting job openings is incredibly easy and efficient

Cons: Premium Subscription for some services and products Hard to get noticed regardless of content

Not a lot of engagement for smaller businesses

Best times to Post (General): Best Days: Monday - Friday Best Times: 5a - 7:30a | 4:30p - 6p Worst Days: Saturday | Sunday Ranking Tips:

Use infographics and downloadable content that is niche-based

Add captions and title bar to every video you post

Good luck on this one, LinkedIn is hit or miss on everything

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