• Steven Derevencha

5 Digital Marketing Tips for March 2021

It seems like digital marketing trends are changing every quarter.

Instead of bogging you down with a 30 page paper about why that is, I figured I could just give you the gist of what's working in Q2 of 2021.

1. Posting less often (but with higher quality content.)

This might seem backward, but posting less often with higher quality content is actually a huge advantage. Consistently over-saturating your marketing with posts, ads, videos, and photos is the number one way to weaken your base. How many times have you unsubscribed from an email campaign from a company WHO YOU ALLOWED to send you information? There are home security systems I refused to look at when we bought ours because of the unnecessary amount of advertisements I received from them via email, text, socials, and mail. Less is more, especially when it's done right. Try it for a month and tell me I'm wrong!

2. TikTok is exploding but there are alternatives

But you might have missed the train. Like all great social media platforms, there are certain timetables to get in to make a lasting impact. The current TikTok media pool seems well balanced in its current season. With a large blend of content creators, companies, and marketing agencies jumping on the TikTok-mobile, jumping in right now might not make sense from a Marketing perspective. But there is hope! When the pool gets too full, people look for other places to swim. Caffeine, Twitter Spaces, Clubhouse, and Houseparty are beginning to form new and exciting communities for users who missed the TikTok hype train

Hand Holding Phone with houseparty app pulled up. Photo by Mika Baumeister
Houseparty App

3. Utilize up-and-coming creative tools.

Canva is not a new tool to graphic designers, in fact, I don't know a GD who doesn't use Canva, whether as their main tool or if they're in a pinch. What Canva just released is pretty great though. SMART MOCKUPS. Want to see your design on a hat, mug, jacket, shirt, etc... Canva's new SMART MOCKUP feature lets you do just that. While not revolutionary, it can streamline the process between creative and apparel development. For on-the-go creative; Desygner, VivaVideo, and Sprout Social are also making strides to help creators reach their audience at a moment's notice! At the end of the day, using design software like Canva or Desygner won't cause you to lose your photoshop chops, it just streamlines your creative process.

4. Stop saying unprecedented time...

Seriously all, we're over it. We've heard it, and at this point, these are presented times. There are tons of ways to convey your message on social media without saying "In these unprecedented/uncertain/unexpected times".

Find a creative way to convey your message that won't get lost in the static of what everyone else is saying. NYTimes reported that the use of the word "unprecedented " rose 70,830% in 2020..

I don't know about you but to me, a 71,000% increase is a bit overkill. We can move on now, from this unprecedented use of the word unprecedented.


5. Find a new color pallet.

This may seem a little off base, but 2021 has shown itself to be unsynced with the past marketing trends. Miami Vice style color pallets are taking over, along with more and more crazy & eclectic photo stylizations. Now is the best time to find a new color pallet to work with. Some of the great pallets we've seen this year

  1. Faded and Distressed

  2. Monochrome+1

  3. Explosive Colors + Flat Gray Backgrounds

  4. Ultra-Saturated Background + Gray foreground

  5. Deep Saturated Vibrant Colors

2021 Marketing is shaping up to be a shake-up from traditional marketing norms, and we're here for it.

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